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How to Build a Successful Parental Leave Program in Your Organisation

A case study interview with Deloitte and Peoplecare for People Leaders, Diversity & HR Professionals

Thursday 30 March 11am-12pm - FREE

In 2016, a landmark study found that the conflict of managing work and family life experienced by parents and carers is costing the Australian economy $23 billion a year.  

So how is business responding to this? 

According to WGEA an average of 15.7% of Australian employers have a strategy for supporting caring responsibilities with only 15% having a strategy for flexible working arrangements so the likelihood is that very few organisations are making a positive dent to improve the work life stress many employees experience when balancing a busy job with family.  However, there are some progressive organisations determined to buck the trend – particularly when it comes to designing parental transition solutions to ensure both women and men can sustain their career and family life.    

In this special event we interview Peoplecare and Deloitte to hear more about their effective parental leave programs and how they’re making a difference. 

“The ‘new reality’ of family structures means that working parenthood is an 18-year job shared by both men and women, gay and straight, biological and adoptive. Aligning your organisation’s programmes to this reality… better targets the issue in its broad-spectrum reality, and it sends a more inclusive message.” 
Daisy Wademan Dowling, Harvard Business Review

As more and more studies (and companies, by way of example) are revealing, it’s clear the benefits of working parent programs far outweigh the costs. It has been found that parental leave programs: improve the productivity and health of employees, reduce the cost of staff turnover, enhance the company’s reputation as an employer of choice, reduce legal risks and incidence of pregnancy discrimination, and increase the likelihood of women reaching leadership positions. These are just a few reasons why an increasing number of companies are choosing to support their working parents through the preparing for parental leave and returning to work transition. 

Join Emma Walsh, CEO, Parents At Work, as she interviews Maree Morgan-Monk, Head of People and Culture at Peoplecare and Catherine McNair, National Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Deloitte about the parental leave programs they have put in place to support their working parents. 

The 1-hour webinar will cover:

  • What is a Parental Leave Program and why should your company have one? 
  • What role do CEO’s, diversity professionals, people leaders and HR teams have in this process? 
  • Where do you start in implementing a Parental Leave Program and what steps are involved in a full roll out? 
  • What resources are required?
  • What are the challenges involved when introducing a Parental Leave Program?
  • Working examples from companies Peoplecare and Deloitte including the direct benefits they have experienced.

This webinar is intended as a useful introduction for diversity professionals and HR practitioners to either start you on the way to creating a Parental Leave Program or to improve how you may be currently supporting employees during their parental leave and return to work transition.  

By attending this webinar you will also be given access to the step-by-step guide Creating a Parental Leave Program and a free 2 hour strategy session with Parents At Work. 


Maree Morgan-Monk, Head of People & Culture, Peoplecare

Maree Morgan-Monk is the Head of People & Culture at Peoplecare and has been with the company since 2011. She has 20 years of HR Management experience across various industries, including education, hospitality and general insurance. 

As Head of People & Culture, Maree is responsible for ensuring that their people, processes and practices retain Peoplecare’s status as a true employer of choice with an exceptional level of staff satisfaction. Maree supports Peoplecare’s managers and staff in the areas of recruitment, training and development, WHS, Human Resource policy, and cultural development. 

Maree was awarded Australia’s HR Manager of the Year for 2013 at the Australian HR Awards. Her particular areas of expertise are leadership development and training.


Catherine McNair, National Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Deloitte

Catherine McNair is the National Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Deloitte, joining the firm in 2012. Catherine is responsible for managing the firm’s National Diversity Strategy with a focus on embedding an inclusive culture to support all the firm’s people achieve their full potential. Deloitte has had a strong focus on the gender agenda, with a gender strategy introduced in 2000 led by Margaret Dreyer.  Since 2010 Deloitte has been a member of the Male Champions of Change initiative led by Elizabeth Broderick.  Over this time Deloitte has taken a lead role in the development of several key initiatives to support the advancement of women at Deloitte, including the introduction of ReConnect (supporting the return from parental leave). Prior to Deloitte Catherine has held various Human Resources and Diversity roles primarily focussed in the professional services sector.  



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