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"Most workers are unaware of their right to request flexibility: 26 months after its enactment only 30.2% of those surveyed knew about the Government's Right to Request Flexibility legislation." (2012 AWALI)


Training Services

Employers can choose from a selection of 90-minute workshops delivered internally to employees and managers by professional experts in the fields of career management and parenthood, work-life balance, flexibility, child care, financial planning and more.

Each workshop is designed in a cost and time effective way to support your employees’ and managers’ learning requirements.

Your employees will receive a free toolkit to continue their development, delivered either in person at the workshop or, if preferred, as an electronic version.

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Employee Workshops

Preparing for Parental Leave Workshop -

This workshop includes a parental leave toolkit and checklists for employees preparing to transition into parenthood.

Career After Kids Program

This workshop focuses on how employees can negotiate their return to work and manage their career as a working parent.


Parental Wellbeing Workshop -

This workshop addresses the importance of self-care in parenthood to create a happy work-life balance prior to and on return to work.

Practical Parenting Workshop - 

This presentation and discussion focussed on practical tips for raising children whilst simultaneously maintaining a career.

Planning to Return to Work Workshop -

This workshop for parents provides a clear and easy process for planning their return to work after parental leave.

Managing Your Career as a Working Parent -

This workshop focusses on how employees can successfully manage their career as working parents whilst creating the work/life balance that best suits them and their family.

Manager Workshops

Making Flexible Work -

This workshop provides managers with a guide on how to create a family friendly and flexible workplace.

Gender and Pregnancy Discrimination -

This workshop provides managers with a guide on how to create a workplace culture free of gender and pregnancy discrimination and highlights ways to avoid these ever being an issue.

Accommodating Flexibiliy in the Workplace -

This workshop looks at how managers can accommodate best practice flexible work options for working parents (and indeed all employees) to ensure greater productivity and more satisfied employees.


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