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Department of Human Services. The Paid Parental Leave scheme Employer Toolkit is designed to assist employers, human resources staff, accountants and tax practitioners prepare employers for their role in providing Parental Leave Pay to their eligible employees.

Human Services


The Workplace Gender Equality Agency Information about adapting or introducing entitlements to complement the Government's Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency


Workplace Ombudsman Tools, resources and information about flexible working arrangements and negotiating flexibility agreements

Workplace Gender Equality Agency


The Workplace Gender Equality Agency A commitment to gender and pay equality is known to help employers attract and retain the best talent, and improve workplace productivity. It’s also the right thing to do. The WGEA pay equity tools have been developed to help organisations and individuals address pay equity.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency


The Supporting Working Parents website is a practical guide for employers and employees. It promotes understanding of the laws relating to pregnant employees, employees on parental leave and working parents. It sets out employee entitlements and responsibilities and employer obligations.

Australian Human Rights Commission

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